This is a list of all the updates to the site!

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-Changed text across the entire site to match new branding.
-Updated links that were not redirecting to the correct sites on the downloads page.

-Changed layout of YouTube links on the index.
-Changed highlighted video.
-Added TechReviewersHD link back to the index.
-Removed Google Search box from the index.
-Removed Google Search box from this page.

-Added new links for Controller Vibration Tester in the downloads page and changelog pages respectively. The 4shared links are now the mirror links.
-Updated some formatting on links in all pages, making it easier to tell which links you've followed previously.

-Changed some formatting on the index page.
-Fixed some links around the website to reflect the domain change.
-Added a link on the livestream page to allow users to return to the index page.

-Changed background color on the index page to black so it fits better with the image that covers it.
-Terrible idea: paid for site re-name and it deleted every page I had hand-typed. Recovering from old files and screenshots.
-Finished recovering from setback, was not as hard as expected.
-Fixed formatting on all pages.
-Removed unused pages.

Early 2016
-Added Facebook card to index.
-Changed some things around to make the code a bit cleaner.

-Fixed some typos and formatting errors on the changelog page, as pointed out to me by a friend. (Thank you!)
-Updated info on CVT_Changes.htm once more, any further changes will not be noted.

-Changed link layout on index page.
-Updated info on Downloads page and CVT_Changes.htm
-Updated links around the site.

-Added link to Controller Vibration Tester on the downloads page.

-Finalized downloads page.
-Added changelog page for new program (linked at download page).
*Made text color white for new page.
-Added link to download page on Index.

-Removed IndieDB badge for Five Nights at Freddy's 3 from index page.
-Updates page no longer automatically refreshes.
-Updates page text should be white, but getting some bugs.
-Updates page text is now white, way easier to read now!

-Updates page now uses line breaks instead of paragraphs for every line. (Why didn't I do this earlier?)
*Added downloads page, still under construction.
*Formatting started for the index page to have a navbar.

-Title is now in header format.
-Link to updates page now at bottom, above hit counter.
-Now using line breaks, now making the page 100% easier to read!
-Changed the links to YouTube to actual subscribe links/buttons.
-Changed link colors to be easier to read. (Again)

-Changed background color of updates page to match that of the index. (Makes links easier to read)

-Added an Indie DB button for Five Nights at Freddy's 3 on the index page.
-Fixed an incorrect link on the index page.
-Fixed sizing in the livestream page.

-Added livestream page and did testing with it.
-Added link colors, NOW 100% MORE READABLE!
-Fixed sizing of some things on the index page, not noticeable but it bothered me.

-Moved YouTube link to "social links" section on index page.
-Fixed link to updates page showing beside the text indicating that it was added.
-Fixed some typos.
-Fixed some compatability issues with old versions of Internet Explorer.

-Added SoundCloud widget and fixed sizing to match the Twitter timeline.
-Removed some links that weren't relevant anymore.
-Removed text box, as it was no longer needed.
-Fixed Google search bar on all pages.
-Changed Favicon.
-Changed background of index page.

-Fixed Twitter timeline.
-Added links to social media.

-Fixed issue with text going outside the box on mobile phones.

-Successfully added a text box on the index page! Also works in compatibility mode.

-Added a custom Favicon to the site!

-Added an image background to the index page!
*Adding body for easier text viewing.
*Adding a new page to test out new features.
*Creating a custom favicon.

-Added and fixed hidden Child's Play Livestream Page for upcoming event.

-Removed Freebuild Funday Banner

-Added Freebuild's Funday Banner to the Main Page!
-Changed the color of the updates page to make it more visually appealing!

-Added Updates Page to Keep up With new Features!
-Copied header and Google search bar over from index page.
-Added 30 minute auto-refresh timer to keep updates page up-to-date.
-Added page name to the end of headers
-Linked updates page from index page
-Removed Minecraft skin from main site