Controller Vibration Tester (CVT) Changelog

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Note: Any version before v0.6.2b will require that you download and install the Microsoft XNA Framework redistributable which can be found HERE.

v1.0 RELEASE! Download
-Added text boxes that read out the percentage of each vibration option.
-Added error messages when attempting to select a controller that isn't connected. The program will now prompt for a controller.
-Fixed a few bugs causing the controllers to not stop vibrating properly when another controller was selected.
-Made things a bit prettier.
-Added a copy of the full GNU Public Licence to the program's installer.

v0.7b Download (Mirror)
-Added functionality that disables the buttons that control both motors at the same time if they're being controlled individually.
-*Updated links within the program to point at the new domain.
-Updated comments in the code to better document what each function does.
-Fixed some errors causing the sliders to not be properly set in some situations.

v0.6b (10/24/15) Download (Mirror)
-Added new "Fatal Error" function to be thrown when something completely out of the ordinary happens, which will close the program safely instead of causing it to crash.
-Added a fix for the program not working on some systems. This should work but I will need some people to let me know if it's done anything.
-*Added the Microsoft XNA Framework installer to the end of the installer for the program as it's required for the program to work, this will fix the crash on startup.
-Added new function to handle enabling/disabling software buttons as needed. This prevents the user form pressing the wrong things at all, making the "Invalid Input" function useless.
-Updated some background math to allow for faster processing (this should help response time on slower systems).
-Updated some comments in the code, this will help bug fixing in the future.

v0.5b (8/20/15) Download (Mirror) - Video
-Added sliders for all three functions, allowing for a smoother vibration testing environment.
-Added new variables to go with the sliders, these will make things easier on me as time goes on.
-Updated "Set Vibration" function to call new functions based on context.
-Updated window size constraints.
-Updated window layout.
-Updated window title, now uses full name.
-Updated function grouping, now a bit cleaner.
-Updated invalid input warning to now turn off the "both" function after you see the message, making things easier on you!
-*Fixed a bug where the sliders wouldn't return to their off position when the left or right sliders were used and the "Both" function was on.

v0.4b (7/17/15) Download (Mirror)
-Added functionality to select controllers.
-Added regions to the code, this makes it easier to troubleshoot.
-Updated "Set Vibration" function to use new variables.
-Updated button layout and anchors.
-Fixed issue where a controller wasn't selected at the start.
-Fixed issue where the left motor could be maxed out while the "both" function was still active.

v0.3b (7/12/15) **Download
-Added "Left Motor" controls along with functionality.
-Added "Right Motor" controls along with functionality.
-Added link to website on the control panel.
-Added safeguard against changing motors independently while the "both" function is being used.
-Updated "Exit" function to turn all motors off safely before closing the program.
-Updated variables and variable names to fit better with new functionality.
-Updated "Set Vibration" function to use new variables.
-Fixed window size constraints.
-Fixed "Info" button from drop down menu not working.
-Fixed bug where motors wouldn't turn off sometimes.
-Removed minimize and maximize buttons as they're not needed.

v0.2b (7/10/15) First working!
-Added vibration event, making program work as intended.
-Added functionality to existing buttons.
-Added fourth button "MAX" to make vibration max out, opposite of "OFF".
-Added functionality to menu items.
-Added exit event, program now turns the vibration off before closing properly.
-Added icon.
-Removed menu items.

v0.1b (7/9/15)
-Added menu bar and drop-down menu.
-Added buttons for OFF, +, and -.
-Constrained window size.

*Denotes a change made after the initial update list was made for that version, aka a hotfix.
**Version 0.3b was lost, so a mirror for it is not available and I'm too lazy to re-download it myself. The newer versions are better anyway.